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RuneScape - Reaper Aggregation adjoin True Reaper Crew

Posted by: adfkjclkxcnxzlkvn on 5/31/2019 3:11 AM

Simple Band-aid for Reaper Cape Stats and Accomplishment Removal from Atone Cape: Two abstracted achievements, "Reaper Crew" adjoin "True Reaper Crew".

Current architecture by Jagex: Remove reaper aggregation accomplishment from completionist cape. *You will no best charge to annihilate administration or do all bossing agreeable to abrasion the completionist cape. *Comp cape will not accommodate BiS action stats; alone cosmetic.

"Reaper Stats": Reaper aggregation accomplishment requires at atomic 1 kc on anniversary bang-up in the game, on accustomed mode. Commutual reaper aggregation accomplishment grants accustomed complete atone cape action stats as a acquiescent aftereffect to any cape you abrasion (?).

I acquire a proposed architecture that makes added faculty and should accumulate a lot of humans happy.

Proposed design: Create adventure modes for all top akin bosses. That includes AoD, Solak, and Raids. 0% Telos and Araxxor are up for debate. (personally I anticipate rax should be accustomed mode, authoritative it the hardest appropriate boss, but I don't apperception too much). Include adventure access for a P1-5 Telos. Fix adventure modes so that they can be completed abandoned instead of astute accumulation mechanics. Adventure access can be done abandoned for any boss, some accumulation administration will afresh yield in fact a while to annihilate but at acutely bargain lethality.

There are now two reaper achievements; Reaper Crew: Annihilate all administration at atomic once. True Reaper Crew: Annihilate all administration at atomic already in accustomed mode.

Completionist cape requires that the Reaper Aggregation accomplishment is complete, assuming that the amateur has completed all bossing agreeable by experiencing all the agreeable at atomic once.

"Reaper Stats": Requires True Reaper Aggregation achievement. True Reaper Aggregation Accomplishment grants accustomed complete atone cape action stats as a acquiescent aftereffect to any cape you wear.

Why this proposed change? Because it's impaired that completionists ability be able to get abroad with never in fact commutual bang-up agreeable and still accede themselves as commutual the game. I'm comped, but I in fact chronicle to those who anticipate top akin bosses, decidedly accumulation bosses, are way harder to admission than the blow of the PvM content. Solak is hard. AoD is hard. You charge to be in fact acceptable at the bold with acceptable accessory in adjustment to do these kinda of top akin PvM.

My hypothesis aims to accommodate accessibility to bang-up agreeable for those who aren't as acceptable at PvM or acquire bad gear. Jagex has created air-conditioned bang-up encounters, but let's be honest, some of them crave a LOT added time, gear, and accomplishment investment than others. (Think cwars time investment over the blow of trim atone reqs)
Since the atone cape is acceptable corrective anyways, I anticipate it should be fair that anyone who wants to do the top akin agreeable should acquire admission to it so they can "complete" the game, buy OSRS gold safe but alone those who put the adherence into acquirements the accustomed modes should be adored with aloft cape stats.

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