Service Plans

Sign up for our recurring service plans and payments are made once each maintenance are completed.

Item Description Price Select

Monthly Service PlanService and Maintenance Plan

Sign up with us to a monthly service plan that contains:

1- Repairs and replacement (... is your call ...).

2- Replacement of any malfunctioning parts (additional fees may apply for the cost of the unit replaced).

3- New installations if required (additional fees apply if it goes out of the service plan coverage).

4- Gates and Fences Installation or Maintenance (additional fees apply if it goes out of the service plan coverage)

This is a taxable (Florida only) service fee that is a recurring monthly (... or schedule ...) for an unlimited period of time.  If a payment gateway is used, the recurring charge can be applied automatically each month until cancelled at the request of the customer.

Payment will be made once we have made the monthly or schedule service are completed.

Payment Schedule
Number of Payments: (leave blank for no limit)
Start Date*: (m/d/yyyy)

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